Zong Lan Xu

Pocket Handbook Chinese Herbal Medicine

300 individual herbs

  • Verlag: WACLION International Inc
  • 2005, 320 pages


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This compact text contains rapid reference access to 300 herbs in alphabetical order by Chinese name (pinyin) with a translation index to English common name and functional categories. Information for each herb includes flavor and nature, properties, channels entered, functions, indications, recommended dosage, cautions and special tips such as cooking directions. Based on popular texts such as Chinese Herbal Materia Medica (Benksy/Gamble) and Handbook of Chinese Herbs and Formulas (Him Che Yeung), this is a convenient text to carry and use, with basic and highly portable information for the practitioner and student.


Zong Lan  Xu

Zong Lan Xu