Qigong Through the Seasons

How to Stay Healthy All Year w. Qigong, Meditation, Diet, Herbs

  • ISBN: 9780857011855
  • 2015, 240 pages


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Qigong through the seasons provides a comprehensive and straightforward guide to the principles and practice of actively living in harmony with the seasonal energetic changes throughout the year.
This book is focuses on the importance of Qigong, meditation, and diet to support good mental and physical health.
Author Ronald H. Davis includes clear explanations of the theory underlying this approach to a healthy life, including the Five Phases of Change (Five Elements) of Chinese Medicine, the body’s Qi system of channels and reservoirs, and the concept of chronobiology.
This book provides for each season a Qigong specific for the season, meditations, herbal information, and dietary recommendations with simple recipes to support the functions of the organ in focus in that season.
This accessible program of Qigong for the seasons will be of interest to anyone seeking a healthy life, students of Qigong at any level, and the seasonal emphasis makes this an excellent quick reference for Qigong teachers.
With a foreword by Ken Cohen and illustrated by Pamm Davis.