Lillian Bridges

The Alchemy of the Spirit for Rejuvenation and Longevity (DVD)

  • 2011, 2 DVDs, 360 min.


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The Alchemy of the Spirit for Rejuvenation and Longevity.
The ancient Taoists were on a perpetual hunt for the magical Elixir of Immortality, believing it to be a concoction that they made from a series of sacred ingredients that they ingested. Unfortunately, it usuallly caused their early demise instead. Imagine, though, that these ingredients were instead a code that could be interpreted as behavioral metaphors.
This means that by living in certain ways, aging could be forestalled and longevity insured. From the face, there are numerous clues about how each person needs to live that enhances their health both physicallz and mentally and maximizes their longevity. These signs include measurements of the Three Treasures – the Jing, Qi and Shen and important information about the flow and meeting points of these have been found to help people rejuvenate from my practice. Most important, participants will be given insight into the activation of the spirit – the alchemical process that occurs from the meeting of the the cosmic and earth energies in the crucible of the human heart.
Scandinavian TCM Congress 2011, 2 DVDs, 360 min., English.


Lillian Bridges

Lillian Bridges

Lillian Pearl Bridges ist eine bekannte Autorin, die zahlreichen Patienten geholfen hat, deren spritituelles Potential auszuschöpfen. Ihr Grundsatz ist, dass das Gesicht das Innere des Einzelnen widerspiegelt. Ihre letzte Arbeit beinhaltet eine Reinterpretation der vergangenen Taoistischen Alchemie und gibt einen Einblick in die Verjüngerung und Lebenshilfe. Bridges ist seit 25…