Yun Shi Neng

The Clinical Experience of Dr. Shi Neng-Yun

Translated by Andrew Ellis

  • ISBN: 9780965659406
  • 1996, 105 pages


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In the spirit of teacher-to-apprentice that has characterized the transmission of knowledge for hundreds of years in China, this text presents the clinical experience of a senior Chinese acupuncturist.
Translated by his student, Andrew Ellis, himself an experienced practitioner and author, this book is nicely produced and carefully rendered.
The first chapter is the translator’s summation of the author’s experience and realizations of apprenticeship.
The second chapter covers precision in point location and technique. There are several references to specific points, guidelines for areas, and both translations and explanation of traditional point poems.
The third chapter describes Dr. Shi Neng-Yun’s needle manipulation techniques in detail and the fourth chapter covers the treatment of more than fifty common patterns and symptoms. It also includes lessons on self-massage and moxibustion as patient home-work or as illness-preventive techniques.
The text concludes with a final chapter of case studies that illustrate the text’s information.


Yun Shi Neng

Yun Shi Neng

Dr. Shi Neng-Yun was head acupuncturist at the Xiamen Hospital of Chinese Medicine in the 1980’s.