Peter Eckman

The Compleat Acupuncturist

A Guide to Constitutional and Conditional Pulse Diagnosis

  • Verlag: Singing Dragon Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781848191983
  • 2014, 304 pages


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In this highly original and authoritative book, Peter Eckman takes pulse diagnosis as a common thread that links and integrates the various disciplines of Oriental medicine, and shows that they are in fact related by a common origin several thousand years ago.
The text describes the clinical details used in a variety of acupuncture styles, synthesizing them into a coherent whole, and illustrating the usefulness of this model with an extensive presentation of case histories. A fundamental premise of the book is that treatment should be based not only on the current condition of the patient, but even more importantly on their inherent constitution.
The description of constitutional pulse diagnosis therefore forms Part 1 of the text, the description of conditional pulse diagnosis forms Part 2 and Part 3 provides more than 30 case histories with pulse analysis, diagnosis and treatment (with outcomes), so that the book will be of utmost practical benefit.
Much of the book consists of new theoretical schemata to organize traditional Oriental medical concepts into a coherent whole – groundbreaking work that will provide fresh insights and deeper understanding to all practitioners of Chinese medicine, especially acupuncturists. It presents a wealth of material that is not commonly available in Indian (Ayurveda), Korean or Chinese medicine, as well as other traditions of Oriental medicine, including the only thorough presentation of Korean Constitutional Acupuncture in English, based on the author’s personal study under its originator.

Part 1. Constitutional Pulse Diagnosis. 1. Constitution and Condition. 2. An Overview of Constitutional Pulse Diagnosis. 3. Korean Hand Acupuncture (KHA) and Ayurvedic Medicine. 4. Sasang Constitutional Medicine (SCM). 5. Five Element Acupuncture (FEA). 6. The Six Warps or Energetic Levels (SEL). 7. Determining the Causative Factor (CF). 8. Eight Constitutions Medicine (ECM or KCA). 9. Expanding SCM (The Sixteen Constitutions Hypothesis). 10. A Complete Model: The Twenty Four Constitutions.
Part 2. Conditional Pulse Diagnosis. 11. Carotid/Radial Pulses (Yin/Yang, 6 Levels & 8 Extras). 12. Interpreting the Vikruti in Ayurveda. 13. Reinterpreting Classical Chinese Pulse Diagnosis (Yin/Yang). 14. Reinterpreting Ministerial Fire. 15. Chakra Pulse Diagnosis.
Part 3. Pulse Diagnosis in the Clinic. 16. Before Applying the Model. 17. A Few More Words about Treatment. 18. The Four Needle Technique, Five Elements & Yin/Yang Revisited. 19. Case Histories. 20. An Afterword.
Appendix 1.
Meridian and Point Locations for KHA.
Appendix 2. Treatment Formulae for KCA.


Peter Eckman

Peter Eckman

Peter Eckman has been a full time acupuncturist for forty years and is an international teacher and published author in the field. He studied under J.R. Worsley, T.W. Yoo and D.W. Kuon, three of the most influential acupuncture teachers of the 20th century, and currently practices in San Francisco.