Alfred Huang

The Numerology of I Ching

A Sourcebook of Symbols, Structures and Trad. Wisdom

  • ISBN: 9780892818112
  • 2000, 186 pages


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Upon publishing his earlier work, The Complete I Ching, the author Master Alfred Huang began to meditate further on the mystery of the I Ching, and undertook the study of the sequencing of the mutual gua (hexagrams).
In this work, the culmination of his study, he discusses the mysteries of King Wen’s sequence, the hidden meaning of the yao (lines), the host of the gua (the line representing the central theme of the gua), and the judgements of good fortune and misfortune. The method of divination he introduces is entirely different than those described in his earlier work, as it follows the Taoist school rather than the Confucian school. Thus this book serves as a companion volume to the original, and as such will help readers understand the wisdom of the I Ching as a tool for maintaining and achieving harmony and balance in human affairs.


Alfred Huang

Alfred Huang

Alfred Huang is a Taoist Master. Alfred Huang is born 1921. He is a professor of Taoist philosophy and recognzised as a 3rd generation master of Wu-style Tai Chi Chuang, Chi King and oriental meditation with more than 70 years of experience. He studied the I Ching with one of China´s…