Peter Firebrace

The Roots of Chinese Medicine (DVD)

  • 2008, 6 DVDs, 245 min.


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This online video by Peter Firebrace gives an overview of the influences
that helped to shape the particular perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, its framework and way of thinking.
It contains:
Part 1 (0:42)
Introduction – Origins
Philosophical Influences
• The Book of Change (Yi Jing)
Part 2 (0:42)
Philosophical Influences
• Confucianism
• Daoism
• Nourishing Life School
(Yang Sheng)
Part 3 (0:58)
Philosophical and Medical Principles
• Qi
• Yin Yang
• The Five Elements (Wu Xing)
Part 4 (0:56)
The Five Elements I
• Water
• Wood
• Fire
Part 5 (0:45)
The Five Elements II
• Fire (continuation)
• Metal
• Earth
Bonus: »Roots«, a poem by Peter Firebrace.

6 DVDs with over 245 minutes.


Peter Firebrace

Peter Firebrace

Peter Firebrace, BAc, MBAcC begann sein Akupunkturstudium 1980 am International College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM) in England. Danach setzte er seine Studien an der European School of Acupuncture in Paris und am College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Chengdu in China fort. Am Ricci Institute in Paris studierte er die…