A. Burmeister | T. Monte

The Touch of Healing

Energizing Body, Miond and Spirit with the Art JinShin Jyutsu

  • ISBN: 9783553377843
  • 1997, 182 pages


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The first guide book that teaches you this time-honored methof of healing.
The author Alice Burmeister learned this accessible and powerful hands-on healing technique in Japan 50 years ago.
It is essentially an approach to balance the flow of energy in the body by placing the hands and fingers on specific points (26 safety energy locks on each side).
The book is a well-organized comprehensive guide to both theory and practice, with clear illustrations, a helpful index, and a section on first aid.
Written together with Tom Monte with a foreword by Alice Burmeister.


A. Burmeister

A. Burmeister

Alice Burmeister ist Kauffrau im Hobby- und Bastelhandel in Neumünster.

T. Monte

T. Monte

Tom Monte has written or co-authored more than thirty-five books on health, healing, and personal transformation. In addition to Unexpected Recoveries, his works include the bestsellers, Recalled By Life and Living Well Naturally – both with Dr. Anthony Sattilaro. He is the author of The Way of Hope, about New…