Lillian Bridges

Transforming Fertility into Creativity (DVD)

  • 2013, 1 DVD, 60 min.


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Prof. Lilian Bridges has 25 years experience in face reading.
She recommends that women should not be afraid of getting older and changing to menopause, but to enjoy this new phase of life.
Lilian Bridges shows signs of fertility and explains that women with narrow hips are not so long fertile than women with wider hips.
She also explains several examples of the different colours of the philtrum.
When there is a warm pinkish color, or the philtrum is long, deep or wide there is a strong fertility.
When the color of the philtrum is white, this could show a blood deficiency or emotional problems and the fertility is not so strong.
Some women who are very athletic, should gain a little bit weight to prepare for pregnancy.
Lilian Bridges gives examples that people which are not to skinny, do not have as much pain as very thin people.
Also the hormons and the fertility depend on the weight.
Lifestyle has to change after menopause,
a lot of women have hot flushes because they dont want to get older, if they get more calm the hot flushes will not pop up so heavily.
She also explains that it is very important that fertility is transported to creativity, otherwise we can see blockades in the philtrum.
Also the breathing is a very important factor and can transform blockades.
She points out that a lack of jing is a reason to get cancer and that creativity is an antidote to cancer.
ASA Kongress 2013, 1 DVD, 60 min., English.


Lillian Bridges

Lillian Bridges

Lillian Pearl Bridges ist eine bekannte Autorin, die zahlreichen Patienten geholfen hat, deren spritituelles Potential auszuschöpfen. Ihr Grundsatz ist, dass das Gesicht das Innere des Einzelnen widerspiegelt. Ihre letzte Arbeit beinhaltet eine Reinterpretation der vergangenen Taoistischen Alchemie und gibt einen Einblick in die Verjüngerung und Lebenshilfe. Bridges ist seit 25…