Yifan Yang

Treatment and prevention of osteoporosis (DVD)

herbs, diet and physical exercise

  • 2013, 1 DVD, 50 min.


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Yifang Yang tells about treatment and prevention of osteoporosis and that osteoporosis is a progressive bone disease which increases the risk of bone fractures. The prevention and treatment in modern medicine is including a change of lifestyle, in nutrition and medication.
She explains that the bones are linked with the kidneys, the kidneys receive and store the kidney-essence, also the liver-blood turn into kidney-essence and generates the bone marrow and support the bones. Also the spleen-qi will transform food and drink into qi and blood and fill the liver.
She points out the yin and yang factors. The yin factors are the essence and the blood. The yang factor are the active factor of the lung-qi and the liver-qi and also the unabstructed blood circulation. Blood circulation is very important for old people, otherwise if they have a blood stagnation, the bone doesnt get enough nourishing.
The treatment is tonyfing the kidney, the spleen, the liver blood and promote blood circulation, Yifang Yang explains different herbs which tonify the kidney yin and yang and promote liver blood.
Yifang Yang gives you herbal formulars, nutrition examples and explain physical exercises to prevent osteoporosis.
2013, 1 DVD, 50 min., ASA-Kongress


Yifan Yang

Yifan Yang

Yang Yifan studied both therapies Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine in Beijing Universities of Traditional Chinese Medicine from 1977 to 1982. After graduation, she worked there as a doctor and a teacher in the Chinese Herbal Formula Department. Besides practicing and teaching, she completed her Master’s degree study in…