P. Sionneau | Gang-Lu

Treatment of Disease in TCM Vol. 4

Diseases of the Neck, Shoulders, Back & Limbs

  • Verlag: Blue Poppy Press
  • ISBN: 9781936185894
  • 3. ed. 2005, 292 pages


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Volume 4 in this series discusses conditions commonly seen in the clinic that are sparsely covered in other English-language Chinese medical literature. Each disease category includes pattern discrimination, disease mechanisms, treatment principles, acupuncture/moxibustion protocols, guiding herbal formula with additions and subtractions, and comments about treating this condition from the authors and editor.


P. Sionneau

P. Sionneau

Philippe Sionneau was born in 1967. In 1986 he earned a BA in economics and in 1987 he received a diploma from the Naturopathic Institute of R. Masson. In 1994, Philippe earned a B.S. degree in Chinese medicine from the Hubei College of Chinese Medicine. Philippe currently teaches at the…