Type 2 diabetes (herbs/remedy) (Video)

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  • 2013,video, 130 min.

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Li, Yie gives a very interesting speech about diabetes type 2.
He gives an overview of diabetes, shows pathogenesis of diabetes in TCM, advantages of treating with TCM, characteristics of prevention and treatment of diabetes with TCM.
Li Yie shows the effect of single herbal medicine and its influence of the blood glucose level.
He states 54 single traditional Chinese herbs, which lower the blood sugar in animal treatments.
He also shows the treatment with Chinese patent medicine and points out the side effects and clinical precautions.
According to TCM, Diabetes is a Xiao-ke syndrom. It is a lack of Yin fluid and congenital deficiencies.
The Zang Fu is weakend with the aging. Li Yi shows that the syndrom and not the sympotm is treated.
Also the diet (overconsumption), stress, alcohol, excessive sex life and climate factors are playing a role in diabetes.
TCM has plentiful therapeutic methods treating diabetes and its complications.
Besides Chinese herbs, acupuncture, moxibustion, massage and physical therapy also qi gong and psychotherapy is used.

ASA-Kongress 2013, video, 130 min..