Bob Flaws

Using Tibetan Medicine to supplement the spiritual deficiency

with modern secular Chinese Medicine (DVD)

  • ISBN: V24082
  • 2017, 2 DVDs, over 5 hrs


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A presentation by Bob Flaws at the TCM-congress Rothenburg 2017.
This online video of Flaws starts by discussing the deficiencies of modern secular Chinese medicine when it comes to treating the whole person, also with the spiritual dimension. Then he talks about 3 key teachings in Tibetan medicine in combination with Chinese Medicine.
These three include karma, the two kinds of death, and the three kinds of disease.
These three teachings provide the rationale for the spiritual practices of Tibetan medicine.
We will next look at specific practices within Tibetan medicine using these teachings in diagnosis and treatment.
Participants will be offered several Tibetan Buddhist/Tibetan medical techniques for blessing patients, medicine, and medical instruments.
We will then go on to discuss two different ways of learning more and also more advanced methods for diagnosing and treating disease on the spiritual level. These include A) the Yuthok Nyingthig (The Heart Essence of Yuthok), the core cycle of spiritual training and practices in Tibetan medicine, and B) Vajra Armor, a condensed methodology for healing disease via mantra and blessed substances and gaining power over the elements.
The aim of this presentation is to see how Tibetan medicine can supplement the spiritual deficiency in secular Chinese medicine.
Bob Flaws also wants to share some simple Buddhist methods for blessing patients, medicines, and medical instruments and shows two approaches for those seriously interested in learning the spiritual practices of Tibetan medicine: Yuthok Nyingthig and Vajra Armor.
Bob Flaws, a very wellknown publisher and author wrote, translated, and/or edited a large number of books and articles on all aspects of Chinese medicine.
He also taught Chinese medicine widely in North America and Europe.
Flaws retired from the practice of medicine six years ago in order to devote himself full time to the practice of Buddhism. He changed his name to Lama Pema Chophel and became a Buddhist in India in 1970. Although he has received teachings from all four sects of Tibetan Buddhism, he is a Lama in the Nyingma sect and is currently the Director of Boulder Valley Ngakpa House in Lafayette, CO.
For 30 years, he has also been a practitioner of Chinese medicine.

TCM-congress Rothenburg 2017, 2 DVDs with over 5 hours.


Bob Flaws

Bob Flaws

Bob Flaws legte das NCCA Diploma in Akupunktur und Chinesischer Arzneimitteltherapie ab und ist Mitglied der National Academy of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. Er ist als Autor, Übersetzer und Herausgeber von über 50 Werken zur Chinesischen Medizin bekannt und international als Dozent tätig. Seit 1979 betreibt er eine Praxis für…