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What Do You Do when You Don’t Know What to Do: (DVD)

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  • 2016, 1 DVD, ca. 3 hours


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From not knowing to knowing is the path of the healer.

Not knowing what to do relates to the period before making a clinical decision. This period is a common situation accompanying any clinician. These few moments can lead to either doubt or certainty. In this process, from dilemma, a decision emerges. The presentation discusses this process step by step from uncertainty to certainty. When there is a clear diagnosis or clinical experience this process is much easier, but exploring the decision-making process in the case when there is no clarity is the real challenge. The lecture relies on 30 years of clinical experience, interviewing many colleagues on this topic and observing the writings of Acupuncture Masters who shared the points prescriptions protocols they used in these situations.

In order to get the best clinical effect and create healing it is important to create clarity and to see all the options. From deep understanding of points with wide application such as the Four Command Points: Stomach & Abdomen St-36, Head & Back of Neck Lu-7, Lower Back Bl-40, Face & Mouth Co-4, Eight Hui meeting points, combining front and back Shu points, Ma Dan Yang’s 12 heavenly star points. Discussing 10-point protocol of Master Tung’s Magic Points: ST36, SP6, LI4, LI11, and LU7 as were used by the famous acupuncturist Miriam Lee who saw hundreds of patients a week.

In the classics it is stated that in order to practice one needs to understand: Yin and Yang, the relationship of heaven-man-earth and the five elements. These guidelines are still effective and can help in the transition from symptoms to inner growth and health.

TCM-Kongress Rothenburg 2016, 1 DVD:

Dauer Teil 1 part 1: 1:30:05
Dauer Teil 2 part 2: 1:39:50

Deutscher Titel: Was machen Sie, wenn Sie nicht wissen, was zu tun ist:
Praktische Ratschläge für die häufigsten Dilemmas.


Yair Maimon

Yair Maimon

Dr. Yair Maimon (IL) calls himself an eternal student of Chinese medicine. Over the last 25 years he was privileged to study with the best teachers all around the world and graduate from schools in England, Holland, USA and China. Studying different approaches of Chinese medicine such as: 5 Elements,…