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Ancient Roots, Many Branches

Energetics of Healing Across Cultures ...

  • ISBN: 9780910261289
  • 2002, 446 pages


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Energetics of Healing Across Cultures & Through Time.
With a foreword by Fritz Smith, M.D.
This book presents a harmonic selection of ideas and therapies from ancient cultures that deal with health, illness, recovery, and treatment methods, specifically focusing on remedies that can help address the deeper issues of the whole person in order to treat manifest conditions.
The models of healing include yin and yang in Chinese philosophy, hot/cold in the Americas, the three doshas in Ayurvedic Indian medicine, the four Greek humors, the four directions in Native American healing, and the five elements of Chinese acupuncture.
Discussions include an introduction to ancient natural healing traditions in Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, Greece, Rome, Arabia, and early North and South America.
The authors develop a cross-cultural model of the stages of life, ranging from the wood stage of life in childhood to the water stage for retirement and rest, with information for each on specific health complaints and prevention of imbalances such as allergies, cholesterol reduction, anxiety, insomnia, asthma, bronchitis, depression, arthritis, osteoporosis, and nutrition for a healthy bodyweight.
These conditions are listed as they relate to each stage in life, and disease cures are enumerated with a focus on healing with food, herbs, vitamins, and minerals.


G. Dolowich

G. Dolowich

Gary Dolowich, MD, BAc, DiplAc teaches at the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in Florida and the Five Branches Institute in California. He is the author of numerous articles in the Journal of Traditional Acupuncture and also coauthor of the book Ancient Roots, Many Branches.

D. L´Orange

D. L´Orange

Darlena L’Orange L.Ac. Herbalist (AHG) is a licensed practitioner of TCM, she has been a practicing herbalist for more than 30 years.