Zhao Jingyi | Li Xuemei

Atlas of Blood and Qi Disorders in Chinese Medicine


  • Verlag: Eastland Press
  • ISBN: 9780939616725
  • 2011, 155 pages


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In Chinese medicine, qi and blood are the most fundamental elements of the human body, and disorders affecting either of them can give rise to a variety of conditions. Dysfunctions or abnormalities of the channels, collaterals, and the various tissues and organs of the body are all related to changes in the qi and blood. Understanding and treating these disorders is therefore very important in clinical practice.
Atlas of Blood and Qi Disorders in Chinese Medicine provides over a hundred vivid photographic examples of blood and qi disorders drawn from actual clinical practice along with a discussion of associated clinical manifestations, diagnostic procedures, and treatment principles and methods. Individual chapters are devoted to patterns of qi deficiency, blood deficiency, hot and cold blood, blood statis, and bleeding as well as the tongue signs related to these disorders. The book also discusses associated eight parameter and organ theory, with many helpful summary tables at the end of each chapter.

“As qi and blood are basic elements of Chinese medicine, the differentiation of qi and blood disorders is one of the main diagnostic methods. Atlas of Blood and Qi Disorders in Chinese Medicine provides photographic images of real cases along with detailed clinical manifestations, diagnostic procedures, treatment principles, and methods. I am delighted to recommend this publication to those in the medical profession as well as students, practitioners, and others interested in traditional Chinese medicine.”


Li Xuemei

Li Xuemei

Zhao Jingyi

Zhao Jingyi

Zhao Jingyi is a 1982 graduate of the Beijing College University of Chinese Medicine, where he is now a professor. Dr. Zhao is also a practicing physician and teaches diagnosis in Chinese medicine to Chinese and Western students. In addition to the books that he has written with Li Xuemei…

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