Giulia Boschi

Blossoming Roots

A Cultural Journey Into Chinese Medicine

  • Verlag: Noi Edizioni
  • ISBN: 9788832128840
  • 2020, 431 pages


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This book is an excellent introduction to Chinese culture also for the interested non expert but also for TCM therapists. Blossoming Roots bridges the language and cultural gap that so often prevents an authentic understanding of Chinese medicine in its historical and philosophical framework. The book offers an introduction to key concepts of Chinese culture and medicine along with in depth epistemological insights. Ample quotations of source texts and references from Western works, a humanistic and anthropological approach together with clear and brief explanations on difficult topics make Blossoming Roots an essential contribution to this area of study.


Giulia Boschi

Giulia Boschi

Giulia Boschi has a university degree in Sinology, continued to study traditional Chinese medicine and qigong while working as an actress, second university degree in physiotherapy. Now she is working as a lecturer of medical Chinese at Pio V university, as well as a teacher of Chinese medical theory and…

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