Chinese Astrology

Understanding your horoscope

  • Verlag: Sterling Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781782747222
  • 2019, 96 pages


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How to use Chinese Astrology. This book is a beautifully illustrated work with instructions to provide the fundamental ideas and determine the more advanced aspects like how does the year of your birth affect your personality or which elements are associated with your horoscope? What celebrities are the same Zodiac animal as you?
The layout:
Each page includes a newly commissioned artwork of a Chinese character, from the 12 animals of the Zodiac and the 12 Earthly Branches to the five phases and 10 Heavenly Stems. This is accompanied by an explanation of each character and its significance within Chinese astrology. Illustrated with more than 85 specially commissioned artworks, Chinese Astrology is the perfect guide to your inner and outer life.




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