Simon Becker

Chinese herbal extracts in the topical treatment of secondary(DVD)

infections in atopic dermatitis/ Co-Referent Rosenblat

  • 2013, 1 DVD, 90 min.


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Simon Becker and Rosenblat give a lecture about Chinese herbal extracts in the topical treatment of secondary infections in atopic dermatitis.
Chinese herbal extracts in the topical treatment of secondary infections in atopic dermatitis
With an introduction to the Bonatics product line, lotions with Chinese medicine by Dr. Sharon Rozenblat.
To treat common skin conditions like dry skin, atopic dermatitis there is a new product line based on Chinese herbology principles.
You get basic product information and how the creams can influence and stimulate the skin.
You find valuable research information and testimonials also by Simon Becker a well known practitioner.
One important fact is the use of different herbs which have an even better influence for the skin in combination rather using the single herbs.
Simon Becker is using these external products based on Chinese herbs in conjunction with internal treatment of Chinese herbs.
You find a brief introduction to the product line and how they are used, f.e. the calming lotion helps for any form of heat in the skin, wind in the skind, erythema and itching, atopic dermatitis, mosquito bites, sunburn and itching, urticaria.

TAO Kongress 2013, 1 DVD, 90 min., English.


Simon Becker

Simon Becker

Simon Becker hat in den USA Akupunktur und Chinesische Medizin studiert und abgeschlossen. Anschließendes mehrmonatiges Praktikum an einem Universitätsspital in Harbin, VR China, mit dem ganzen Spektrum der Krankheiten und Störungen, die mit Chinesischer Medizin behandelt werden können. Becker hat sich auf die Behandlung von schwangeren Frauen, hämatologischen und kardiovaskulären…