Jake P. Fratkin

Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines

The Clinical Desk Reference

  • ISBN: 9780962607844
  • 2006, 1198 pages


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Chinese herbal patent medicines of Jake Fratkin offers a complete listing of 1280 herbal products from China that are available in US.
This reference book is a useful guide, providing a practical resource for acupuncturists, herbalists, naturopaths, as well as western doctors and veterinarians practicing natural medicine. You can find a comprehensive list of 1280 products, 850 formula descriptions with energetic applications, symptoms, clinical commentaries, cautions, and ingredient percentages. It covers over 550 GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) level products: Plum Flower, Herbal Times, Minshan, Bio Essence and Tanglong.
On 80 pages you can see color photos with Chinese characters for a better identification of 1150 products. You find 18 indexes, including herbal and medical glossaries in Chinese, herbal cross reference of 675 herbs, and source medical classics of the formulas.


Jake P. Fratkin

Jake P. Fratkin

Jake Paul Fratkin, OMD, L.Ac. praktiziert koreanische und japanische Akupunktur seit 1975 und begann seit 1982 mit der chinesischen Kräutermedizin. Er verbrachte ein Jahr in Pekinger Krankenhäusern, spezialisiert auf innere Krankheiten und Pädiatrie. Jake Fratkin hat chinesische Kräuterpatent-Medikamente geschrieben, eine Sammlung von 1250 chinesischen Kräuterprodukten, die in den Vereinigten Staaten…