Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines

The Clinical Desk Reference

  • ISBN: 9780962607844
  • 2006, 1198 pages


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Chinese herbal patent medicines of Jake Fratkin offers a complete listing of 1280 herbal products from China that are available in US.
This reference book is a useful guide, providing a practical resource for acupuncturists, herbalists, naturopaths, as well as western doctors and veterinarians practicing natural medicine. You can find a comprehensive list of 1280 products, 850 formula descriptions with energetic applications, symptoms, clinical commentaries, cautions, and ingredient percentages. It covers over 550 GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) level products: Plum Flower, Herbal Times, Minshan, Bio Essence and Tanglong.
On 80 pages you can see color photos with Chinese characters for a better identification of 1150 products. You find 18 indexes, including herbal and medical glossaries in Chinese, herbal cross reference of 675 herbs, and source medical classics of the formulas.