A. Gaeddert

Chinese Herbs in the Western Clinic

A Guide to Prepared Herbal Formulas

  • ISBN: 9783963828508
  • 1994, 245 pages


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Designed for the acupuncturist and herbalist, this work contains treatment protocols using 70 U.S. prepared herbal formulas to treat a variety of conditions.
The descriptions are alphabetically ordered by Western condition, and indexed by TCM terminology.
English and Pinyin names are given, and a glossary is included.


A. Gaeddert

A. Gaeddert

Andrew Gaeddert suffered from Crohn’s disease and IBS. His search for therapies to treat his own symptoms led to the discovery of techniques which have made it possible for him to help thousands of other people. Mr. Gaeddert has studied nutrition, herbology, and Chinese medicine with masters from the U.S.…