T. J. Hinrichs | Barnes-L.

Chinese Medicine and Healing

An Illustrated History

  • ISBN: 9780674047372
  • 2012, 480 pages


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T.J. Hinrichs and Linda Barnes give you a comprehensive introduction to a wide array of Chinese Medicine and their practices, which have developed for a very long time and across cultures. The Chinese Medicine is a book for anyone working in East Asia or world history, in medical fields, anthropology or in complementary healing arts.
This book of Hinrichs and Barnes shows a contribution of fifty-eight leading international scholars of different scientific fields, as Chinese archaeology, religion and medicine.
The Chinese Medicine and Healing, gives you an insight of illustrated history, which explores the development of a wide range of health interventions, containing the propitiation of disease-inflicting spirits, divination, cultivation meditative disciplines, herbal remedies, pulse diagnosis and acupuncture.
Hinrichs and Barnes investigate procedures to historical change, like the competition between the different types of practioniers, as shamans, Daoist priests, Buddhist monks, scholar physicians, and even government officials.
Chinese Medicine and Healing also shows the vignettes and illustrations of diverse arenas of health care as childbirth in the Tang period, Yuan state-established medical schools, fertility control in the Qing and the search for sexual potency in the People?s Republic.
The book shows in the last two chapters information about the healing modalities across the globe and address the challenges they have posed as alternatives to biomedical standards of learning and licensure. Also examples of Chinese treatments for diphtheria in colonial Australia and malaria in Africa are discussed.
The introduction of ear acupuncture by the French and its worldwide spreading with the varying applications of acupuncture from Germany to Argentina and Iraq.





T. J. Hinrichs

T. J. Hinrichs

Mrs. TJ Hinrichs is an Associate Professor at the Cornell University Department of History.