Huang Fei-li | R. Parker | Cui Hai

Cosmetology in Chinese Medicine

  • ISBN: 9787117141321
  • 2011, 676 pages


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This textbook is designed specifically for Western students of Chinese medicine.
The detailed descriptions give readers a solid feeling for the subject.
It guides the reader through the terms and techniques necessary to understand and perform TCM Cosmetology treatments.
TCM Cosmetology is a field that has built from the past and will continue to develop in the future.


Huang Fei-li

Huang Fei-li

Huang Fei-li Senior lecturer of Cosmetology, Hong Kong Baptist University.

R. Parker

R. Parker

Rebecca Parker, MSOM. L.Ac. TCM Licensed Acupuncturist of Brooklyn Open Acupuncture, New York.