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Daoist Meditation – (Zuo Wang Lun)

The Purification of the Heart Method of Meditation...

  • Verlag: Singing Dragon Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781848192119
  • 2014, 240 pages


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The Purification of the Heart Method of Meditation and Discourse on Sitting and Forgetting. (Zuò Wang Lùn)
Master Cherng’s translation of Discourse on Sitting and Forgetting, an 8th century classic text on meditation by Si Ma Cheng Zhen, is accompanied by his extensive explanatory commentary, unique in its ability to make this complex text accessible to the Western reader.
In the introduction to the text, Master Cherng explains how to practice the Purification of the Heart method of meditation and photographs clearly illustrate the correct postures.
He deciphers the Chinese metaphors and abstract language of Si Ma Cheng Zhen to give a clear explanation of the processes involved and the resulting changes to mind, spirit and body.
His translation and explanatory commentary present the classic text in a way that can be easily understood and applied, allowing Western students of Daoism, and anyone with an interest in meditation, direct access to the meaning of this text in practice.

Preface by Eva Wong.
Part 1. Xîn Zhâi Fa, The Purification of the Heart Method.
1. Introduction. 2. Fundamentals of the Method. 3. Theoretical Considerations. 4. Practicing Meditation. 5. Illustrations.
Part 2. Zuò Wàng Lùn, Discourse on Sitting and Forgetting, with Comments by Wu Jyh Cherng. About the Author.
Preface. 1. Trust and Respect. 2. Breaking the Ties. 3. Gathering the Mind.
4. Simplifying the Activities. 5. Authentic Contemplation. 6. Peaceful Fixation. 7. Possessing the Path.
Afterword. Glossary.

Translated from The Chinese into Portugese, and with a commentary by Wu Juy Cherng
with Marcia Coelho de Souza for transcription, editing aund adaption of texts.
English translation by Benjamin Adam Kohn.


Wu Jyh Cherng

Wu Jyh Cherng

Wu Jyh Cherng (1958-2004) war ein daoistischer Hohepriester und Meister der Meditation, Riten und Zeremonien.

E. Wong

E. Wong

Eva Wong is an independent scholar and a practitioner of the Taoist arts of the Pre-Celestial Way and Complete Reality lineages. She has written and translated many books on Taoism and related topics.