Zhongxian Wu (Master Wu) | K. Taylor Wu

Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong

Essential NeiGong for Health and Spiritual Transformation

  • Verlag: Singing Dragon Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781848191037
  • 2012, 195 pages


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Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong is a traditional Chinese qigong form that embodies the spirit of the rising dragon, an auspicious symbol of transformation in Chinese culture.
The form works directly on the meridians, awakening areas of stagnation and bringing the physical and emotional body into a balanced state of well-being.
It is the key qigong form the authors offer to people seeking healing from cancer and other significant or chronic health challenges.
Its practice implements special visualization and breathing techniques in addition to the movements that imitate sparks arising from a banked fire and swirling upward like a spiraling dragon, generating tremendous inner fire. Stoking the inner fire melts away the ice, or the areas of stagnation, blockage and disease residing in the physical, mental, or spiritual body. This creates pathways of flowing water, allowing the refinement of Jin (essence) and its transformation to Qi (vital energy), refinement of Qi and its transformation to Shen (spirit), and the refinement of Shen to transform it to Emptiness – the wisdom that reunites the spirit to the physical body, and is able to nourish every part of the Self.


K. Taylor Wu

K. Taylor Wu

Dr. Karin Taylor Wu earned her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from one of the seven federally accredited medical schools in North America that train primary care physicians in complementary and alternative medicine. She currently serves as the medical director of Blue Willow World Healing Center and QinJian Akademin.

Zhongxian Wu (Master Wu)

Zhongxian Wu (Master Wu)

Master Zhongxian was born in in the city of Wenling in Zhejiang Province. Master Wu practiced Qigong and Taiji when he was a little boy. Since 1972 Master Wu has devoted himself to the study of classical Chinese arts – Qigong/Neigong, Taiji, internal martial arts, Chinese medicine, Chinese astrology, Chinese…