Jingtao Dong

Flying Needle Technique (DVD)

  • 2011, 1 DVD, 130 min.


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Jiangtao Dong: Flying Needle Technique – ASA Kongress 2011
Dr. Dong explains that there are different needling techniques with how we can influence also the shen by different needling methods.
You will be able to use the point as well as influencing the qi by this method. You will learn the meaning of the term flying of this technique.
Dr. Dong shows videos which show this technique very detailed and you can see exactly how the technique will be done and modified and where it is used. After this you will learn step by step how to practice the flying needle technique and at the end you will be able to use this methode and you learn which points and for which symptoms you use the flying needle technique.
Dr. Dong shows how to insert the video without pain and gives a lot of hints to have the maximum of impact for the patient.
Later Dr. Dong shows the technique live on a participant of the seminar. After this he shows for what kind of patients the flying needling is being used.
Dr. Dong speaks a good and easy to understand English.
At the end you will be able to use the flying needle method.

ASA Kongress 2011, DVD, 130 min., English.


Jingtao Dong

Jingtao Dong

Prof. Dr. Jiangtao Dong Spezialität: Schmerzlose Akupunktur mit fliegender Nadeltechnik, Kinderwusch, Gynäkologie. Aus dem Werdegang: TCM-Studium mit Abschluss an der GuangXi TCM-Universität im Jahr 1984. 1984 – 1992: Dozent und TCM-Facharzt an der Akupunkturabteilung des GuangXi TCM-Universitätsspitals und 1992 – 1997: Oberarzt und Vize-Professor an der Akupunkturabteilung des GuangXi TCM-Universitätsspitals.…