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Grasping the Wind

An Exploration into the Meaning of Chinese Acupuncture Point Names

  • ISBN: 9783912111194
  • 1989, 462 pages


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In discussing 363 point names, the authors examine the meaning, context,
and significance of each acupuncture point to promote understanding of the point’s use in acupuncture practice.
Guidelines for understanding the nature and structure of the Chinese language are offered,
along with discussions of the Chinese rationale for naming points and point groupings.
Based on traditional songs and the great classic compendium,
this book brings this important information to light for English-speaking practitioners.
The book provides students a unique oppurtunity to study an application of Chinese medical
language in a clear, appropriately documented and culturally valid context.
The text is concise, complete and accessible.

Grasping the Wind provides students a unique opportunity to study an application
of Chinese medical language in a clear, appropriately documented and culturally valid context.
— American Journal of Acupuncture

Here is a foundation on which it is safe to build.
— Sara Hicks, Traditional Acupuncture Journal

It is thought-provoking and crosses into areas that are rarely touched upon by both modern Chinese researchers and the more innovative of our Western acupuncture educators. It tackles many difficult concepts such as the spiritual, mental, and emotional, aspects of Chinese medicine, source theory, and classical energetic anatomy and physiology. It is a book you can dip into at any time and come out with gems of insight that can only reinforce your belief in a paradigm that is just starting to be explored by our culture and our scientific community.
— Australian Journal of TCM


A. Ellis

A. Ellis

Andrew Ellis first studied Chinese medicine with Dr. James Tin Yau So at the New England School of Acupuncture. He left New England in 1983 to study Chinese language in Taiwan and apprenticed with Chinese herbalist Xu Fu-Su there for several years. Later he studied internal medicine and gynecology at…

N. Wiseman

N. Wiseman

Nigel Wiseman was born in the UK, studied Spanish and German at the Heriott-Watt University in Edinburgh, subsequently working as a French-English translator in Belgium while learning Chinese. He holds a doctorate in Complementary Health Sciences from Exeter University, and is the author and translator of a prodigious body of…

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