Stevenson Xutian | Shusheng Tai | Chun-Su Yuan

Handbook of Traditional Chinese Medicine

in 3 Volumes

  • ISBN: 9789814293815
  • 2014, 1492 pages


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“Edited by: Stevenson Xutian (The Chinese Herbal Medicine Center, USA & Canadian Institute of Complementary & Alternative Medicine Research, Canada), Shusheng Tai (Canadian Institute of Complementary & Alternative Medicine Research, Canada & Cross Cancer Institute, Canada), Chun-Su Yuan (University of Chicago, USA).

For over two thousand years Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has made many significant contributions to China’s growth and prosperity.
This textbook, based on the unique characteristics of TCM, discusses its principle theories and presents a comprehensive daily practice guide for health maintenance and disease treatment.
The book provides clinical practitioners with a fundamental understanding of the essence of TCM:
The principle theories inherent within thousands of years of classical TCM are expounded upon.
Provides a newer understanding of TCM by relying on evidence acquired from advanced research.
Corrects inherent mistakes or omissions by discussing true TCM fundamentals independent of cultural or historical reasons.
Recovers important concepts of TCM rarely acknowledged in current TCM practices.
Facilitates modern medical practices with roots in TCM for better therapeutic efficacy.
Provides a comprehensive understanding of TCM by relying on the latest scientific achievements.
We highly recommend this book for students interested in TCM, Chinese medicine doctors and other healthcare professionals, biomedical researchers, and interested individuals. Readers will benefit from the inspirational viewpoints discussed in the book.

Volume 1:
The Fundamental Theory of TCM:
Yin and Yang (Fu-Lin Wang)
The Five Elements (Wu Xing) (Helen Yuan)
The Manifestation of the Internal Organs (Zang Xiang) (Stevenson Xutian)
Qi, Blood, Essence, and Body Fluid (Ju Ling)
The Meridians and Collaterals (James J Fu)
Diseases and Their Etiologies (Shusheng Tai, Feng Sun)
Pathology and Pathogenesis (Shusheng Tai, Feng Sun)
Prevention of Diseases and Principles of Therapeutics (Helen Yuan)
New Exploration and Understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Stevenson Xutian, John Junion, Louis Wozniak)
Introduction to TCM Diagnostic (Stevenson Xutian)
“”Four Pillars Diagnosis”” Methods (Marc Raedschelders)
Tongue Diagnosis (Zhi-Chen Guo)
Pulse-Taking (Wendy Wei Zhang)
Differentiation of Syndromes (Fu-Lin Wang, Wendy Wei Zhang)
Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, and Tuina:
Introduction to Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion (Jiulin Wang)
Meridians and Acupuncture Points (James J Fu)
Clinical Application (Marc Raedschelders)
Tuina: Classic Chinese Massage, (Shusheng Tai, Feng Sun)
Volume 2:
Chinese Herbology and Formulation:
General Principles of Chinese Herbology (Stevenson Xutian, Danny C Li)
Chinese Herbs and Herbal Prescriptions (Danny C Li, Zongwei Wang, Yi Feng)
Healthy Lifestyle and Rehabilitation:
Principle of Life Nourishment (Yangshengshu) (Stevenson Xutian)
Tai Chi (Stevenson Xutian, Feng Sun, Shusheng Tai)
TCM Self-Healing Meditation (Yanling Guo)
Special Daoyin Healing Methods (Yanling Guo)
Traditional Mind–Body Exercises for Health (Hua Zhu)
Clinical Practice:
Clinical Practice Guided by the Supporting-Yang Theory (Chonghan Lu)
Differentiation of Yin–Yang and Prescriptions for Some Common Diseases (Qinan Zheng, Buqi Tang)
Differentiation of Yin–Yang and Prescriptions for Some Special Diseases (Yang Deficiency or Yang Escaping) (Qinan Zheng, Buqi Tang)
Acupuncture Treatment for Selected Medical Conditions (Jiulin Wang)
Simplified Tongue Diagnosis with Herb Treatment (Meiyan Guo)
Practice Regulation and Certification:
TCM Practice in Western Countries (Jing Shen, Baisong Zhong, Julian Zhu)
Regulations for Certification
Examination Preparation and Strategies
Volume 3:
Achievements of TCM in the Contemporary Age:
Introduction to Body Space Medicine (Zhi-Chen Guo)
Carrying Zhang Zhongjing’s Classics Toward the Revival of TCM: Theories and Practices on Supporting Yang (Chonghan Lu)
Achievements in Acupuncture Technology (Donyi Cai, Etsang Zeng)
An Exoloration of Dong’s Extra Points and His Philosophy (Weijie Young)
Development of Other Non-Medication Treatment Techniques (Donyi Cao, Etsang Zeng)
Introduction to Tibetan Medicine (Etsang Zeng, Dongyi Cao)
Three Strategies for the Promotion and Development of TCM (Ju Ling)
A Simplified History of TCM (Stevenson Xutian, Qian Jia)
Yin–Yang Theory Used in the Comprehension of Modern Medicine (Fu-Lin Wang)
Some Famous Ancient Chinese Doctors and Their Main Contributions (Jiulin Wang)
Nomenclature of Acupuncture
A List of Commonly Used Chinese Herbal Medicines
A List of Classic Chinese Herbal Prescriptions

All TCM teachers, students, researchers, practitioners, advanced undergraduates and graduate students in Chinese medicine, and acupuncture.


Chun-Su Yuan

Chun-Su Yuan

Shusheng Tai

Shusheng Tai

Stevenson Xutian

Stevenson Xutian

Stevenson Xutian The Chinese Herbal Medicine Center, USA & Canadian Institute of Complementary & Alternative Medicine Research in Canada.