Hamid Montakab

Insomnia and the Modern World (DVD)

Sleep disturbances and aging

  • ISBN: V23931
  • 2013, 1 DVD, 60 min.


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Insomia and the modern world, gives you an insight on our sleep problems. More than 40% of the people have sleeping problems, also children.
One third of our lives we are sleeping and a quarter of our sleep we are dreaming. The heart is the house of the shen and is responsible for our sleep.
Insomnia is an abnormal waking of the shen. There are different sleep stages (initial, middle, end) two are very import for our lives. The deep sleep phase, which is very important for the physical repair and the REM or paradoxical sleep phase, which is necessary for detoxification of the brain. Not the length of the sleep is important, but the quality of the sleep.
The deepest sleep of the night is reached when our body temperature is at lowest. The Wei Qi is very important to regulate the different stages.
The first stage is relaxing the muscles, the sensory organs moving inwards, this is the first step when the Wei Qi moves inwards.
Afterwards the Wei Qi goes to the Zang and Fu organs to clean up the system of pathogenic heat, which is produced by the liver at the day.
Shen needs blood to rest, if we have to less blood hun is wandering.
If they have no residence there is a lot of dreaming, all emotions produces heat.
Modern lifestyle is exhausting our Yin, live fastens, fast food is growing, alcohol, drugs reduces the jing, and our shen has no longer a house to rest.
Also recommendations for treatment are given at the speech, different acupuncture points and the combination of herbs are explained.
2013, 1 DVD, 60 min., ASA-Kongress


Hamid Montakab

Hamid Montakab

Hamid Montakab machte 1975 seinen Abschluss an der Medizinischen Fakultät in Paris und absolvierte seine Assistenzzeit in Chirurgie und Gynäkologie in Poitiers, Frankreich. Er absolvierte gleichzeitig ein Studium der Akupunktur an der AFA School in Paris und verbrachte danach vier Monate intensiv an den Men Wa und ISA Schulen in…