Wu Zhongchao

Practical Guide to Cupping Therapy

A Natural Approach to Heal Through Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • ISBN: 9781602200319
  • 2017, 200 pages


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This comprehensive guide to Chinese cupping therapy explains the raditional and effective treatment with extensive clinical examples, commentary, and detailed diagrams. Cupping therapy provides an healing effect by improving blood circulation, promoting smoother flow of qi through meridian points and dispelling cold and dampness in the body. It involves local suction on the skin through vacuum created by heating and subsequent cooling of the air in the cup. Because of its easy application and immediate effects, cupping therapy has been practiced in China since time immemorial and remains to this day as a form of traditional medicine for treating illnesses and enhancing health.

With solid grounding in both theory and clinical practice, the author introduces the fundamental principles of cupping therapy and areas that require special attention, which are followed by techniques of cupping for targeted ailments. The book covers nine areas: internal medicine, surgery, ENT and ophthalmology, dermatology, andrology, gynecology, and pediatrics (with 73 common illnesses), as well as sub-health condition and health and complexion enhancement, with cupping options for various target skin areas.

The book about Cupping therapy contains:

  • A therapy for healing,
  • enhancing health and
  • improving quality of life through the natural way of traditional Chinese medicine.

In our opinion: cupping can be very effective. It is easy to use. This guide can help you to use it correctly.

Techniques of cupping that can be quickly mastered to help yourself heal, with easy to follow illustrations. Tipps from a medical professional on having a better diet and life style to prevent illness and gain a healthy complexion.


Wu Zhongchao

Wu Zhongchao

Wu Zhongchao is a professor and advisor of doctoral students at the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (CACMS), also serves as a medical advisor on the expert register of the CPC Central Committee and chief physician of the CACMS Acupuncture and Moxibustion Center, vice chairman of the Committee on…

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