Hai Hong | K. Wee

Pursuing the Elixir of Life

Chinese Medicine for Health

  • ISBN: 9789813207042
  • 2017, 232 pages


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Since time immemorial Man has pursued the elusive elixir of life.
The wisdom of ancient Chinese medicine declared immortality unattainable,
but offered the elixir of longevity through lifestyle, diet, the judicious use of herbal tonics and the practice of subtle but powerful exercises of qigong and taijiquan.
This concise volume explains in modern scientific language the principles of ancient Chinese methods of health and the practice of yangsheng or life cultivation.
Natural holistic solutions to health issues and the intricacies of Chinese diagnosis and therapies are brilliantly exposed, complete with detailed descriptions of herbs, acupuncture and tuina.
Discover appetizing recipes for soups, porridges and teas that give you that healthy glow and nourish your body and soul.
Based on a series of popular lectures by the authors, this book opens a new chapter in your pursuit of a long and fulfilling life.
It is also excellent preparation for more advanced studies in Chinese medicine.

From Spirits to Natural Science:
The Origins of Chinese Medicine
Why Chinese Medicine Matters:
Ten Distinguishing Characteristics of TCM
The Precious Ingredients of Life:
Basic Substances in the Body
Inner Workings of the Body:
A Unique Narrative Drawn from Experience
Why We Fall Ill:
Diagnosis and Principles of Therapy
Hope Springs Eternal:
Ancient Wisdom on the Elixir of Life
Nature’s Goodness in a Humble Root:
The Nature and Properties of Herbs
Potions that Heal:
Herbs and Herbal Formulations
Navigating the Body’s Meridian Network:
Acupuncture and Tuina
Attaining Longevity and Vitality:
The Art and Science of Cultivating Life
Medicated Foods and Teas:
Healthy Recipes that Please the Gourmet
Nip it in the Bud:
Prevention and Management of Chronic illnesses
A Brave New World:
When TCM and Biomedicine Converge
Annex 1: Common Chinese Herbs
Annex 2: Common Chinese Formulations

General readers interested in cultivating health, students and practitioners of medicine and healthcare who wish to gain a modern insight into the mysteries of Chinese medicine.


Hai Hong

Hai Hong

Hong Hai NTU, Singapore.

K. Wee

K. Wee

Karen Wee The Renhai Clinic in Singapore.