Stephen Birch

Qi-Regulation with Japanese Meridian Therapy (video)

Treatment of Psychological Difficulties

  • 2013, video, 369 min.

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Qi-Regulation with Japanese Meridian Therapy is a workshop with Dr. Stephen Birch.

Part 1:
Stephen Birch gives a brief historic background, selective quotes from
the past and basic theoretical lecture of Japanese Meridian Therapy and Japanese Acupuncture and moxibustion.
Then he talks about the state of Qi in the body and how to try to restore regulating the Qi by needling.
He explains which needling techniques are used in Japanese Acupuncture.
Further he shows typical symptoms that can result from over treatment.
How to judge which patients may be sensitive, and gives advices how to treat them.
He gives examples out of his practical experiences with specific diseases and how it worked.
Part 2:
In the practical part Birch presents abdominal diagnosis on a test person with specific palpation techniques.
He explains the different important areas of the abdominal area and
you see exactly how the diagnosis has been made and how the patient reacts on his palpation.
Perfect for beginners: Birch describes exactly which reactions are normal and which variances can arise.
Later the attendees of the TCM-workshop practice and Birch teaches them.
The camera moves so close you can exactly see how much pressure Birch uses during his treatment.
He then shows pulse diagnosis and explains the different pulse patterns,
the depth, strength and speed of the pulse and how you can feel the best.
Part 3:
The audience is divided into groups and need to show the pulse diagnosis.
Birch explains how to change the timing and pressure of the fingers so you can feel the pulse more exact.
He shows how to control the pressure of the fingers for taking the pulse.
You learn different pulse patterns by explaining primary patterns and what they mean.
Later on Birch explains needling techniques and how deep and fast you can control the depth of needling.
He shows how to scale the tapping of the needle and what the effects could be.
Birch demonstrates it on a test person and explains the reaction of the needling.
You can see all details exactly how to needle and he explains perfectly why he needles which points.
Part 4:
Treatment demonstrations and a four step basic treatment approach to Japanese Meridian Therapy:
Birch shows again different diagnosis patterns and the related acupuncture points.
Here he demonstrates the different needling techniques and
explains how deep he stick the needle to address specific symptoms
and also different draining techniques with Japanese acupuncture.

TCM-Kongress Rothenburg 2013, video, 369 min., English.
Workshop Birch, 1:26 Teil 1, 1:40 Teil 2, 1:24 Teil 3, 1:38 Teil 4.
Der Vortrag Qi-Regulation von Dr. Stephen Birch auf dem TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2013 – hier bei naturmed als Video erhältlich!


Stephen Birch

Stephen Birch

Dr. Stephen Birch arbeitet seit 1982 mit der japanischen Akupunktur. Er studierte in Japan bei Yoshio Manaka und anderen berühmten Toyohari-Lehrern. Als Dozent unterrichtet er in USA, Großbritannien, Deutschland und Niederlande. Er betreibt in den Niederlanden mit seiner Frau eine Praxis und arbeitet eng mit Kiko Matsumoto zusammen, eine der…