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Secret Shaolin Formulas for the Treatment of External Injury

New Revised Edition

  • 14th printing 2015, 152 pages


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The Shaolin Monastery is one of the most ancient and famous repositories of Chinese martial arts lore.
This book is the first one in English to reveal the secret formulas of the fighting monks of Shaolin for their treatment of all types of martial and traumatic injury. De Qian was a student of Abbot De Chan. Patriarch de Chan orally transmitted this material and De Qian wrote it down.

Translated by Zhang Ting-lian and Bob Flaws from a manuscript copied by a student of the Abbot of Shaolin Monastery, this text comprises part of the monastic lineage of fall & strike medicine.
It presents hundreds of treatments for a wide variety of external and martial arts injuries as well as preventive training formulas.

This edition includes a full symptom index, easier to use formula descriptions, and Pinyin as well as Latin herbal descriptions, it is a revised and improved second edition based on Nigel Wiseman’s terminology. It also includes Pinyin romanization for all medicinal ingredients.


Bob Flaws

Bob Flaws

Bob Flaws legte das NCCA Diploma in Akupunktur und Chinesischer Arzneimitteltherapie ab und ist Mitglied der National Academy of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. Er ist als Autor, Übersetzer und Herausgeber von über 50 Werken zur Chinesischen Medizin bekannt und international als Dozent tätig. Seit 1979 betreibt er eine Praxis für…

Zhang Ting-liang

Zhang Ting-liang

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