Stephen Birch

Shonishin: Japanese Pediatric Acupuncture

A text and video guide, includes videos online

  • Verlag: Thieme Verlag
  • ISBN: 9783131500625
  • 2nd ed. 2016, 360 pages


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Now in an expanded new edition, this user-friendly manual remains the foremost instructional reference for the application of Shonishin, or Japanese pediatric acupuncture. The book addresses the unique and often changing circumstances involved in the treatment of infants and children.
It focuses on the crucial factors of patient comfort and dosage regulation throughout treatment by gently and painlessly pressing, tapping, scratching, rubbing, and stroking the skin without penetrating it.
Stephen Birch, the world’s leading authority in Japanese acupuncture and Shonishin,
provides valuable clinical guidance and hands-on advice that can be easily integrated into everyday practice.
The book begins by presenting the underlying principles and treatment tools used in Shonishin
and then goes on to cover root and symptomatic approaches and techniques,
followed by details on how to manage a wide range of specific problems and diseases.
More than 75 case histories from around the world present various treatment ideas, methods, and results for the featured condition.

-More than 25 new clinical cases (over 75 cases total) offer useful insights and suggestions for daily practice
-New information on using Shonishin to treat headaches and emotional problems, combining Shonishin with other treatments, such as Bach flowers and Chinese herbal medicine, and using the techniques of Shonishin and the Meridian Therapy root treatment
-Coverage of Shonishin for the management of a broad spectrum of illnesses and diseases, including respiratory and digestive ailments, ear infections, allergies, sleep problems, and many more
-Exercises throughout the book help readers improve their skill and check their technique
-More than 150 precise illustrations complement and further clarify the text
-Video footage of a workshop where the author demonstrates how to do Shonishin and shows real treatments bring concepts to life (accessed through Thieme’s Media Center).

With Shonishin: Japanese Pediatric Acupuncture, Second Edition,
professionals and students in acupuncture, and pediatricians and physical therapists who use acupuncture,
will learn from the master the art of non-inserted needling to treat children.
This volume contains all of the information that practitioners need to understand Shonishin as a treatment option and refine their technique, and to instruct parents on how to regularly use Shonishin at home, thereby increasing the frequency of treatment.
Stephen Birch founded the Stichting Foundation for the Study of Traditional East Asian Medicine in Netherlands.
He is a frequent teacher also in Central Europe particularly in Germany.
In our naturmed videocenter you can find several teaching videos regarding shonishin.


Stephen Birch

Stephen Birch

Dr. Stephen Birch arbeitet seit 1982 mit der japanischen Akupunktur. Er studierte in Japan bei Yoshio Manaka und anderen berühmten Toyohari-Lehrern. Als Dozent unterrichtet er in USA, Großbritannien, Deutschland und Niederlande. Er betreibt in den Niederlanden mit seiner Frau eine Praxis und arbeitet eng mit Kiko Matsumoto zusammen, eine der…