Jonathan Shubs

Sun’s Dance of the Channels

Understanding Channel Interactions and Holography

  • Verlag: Singing dragon
  • ISBN: 9781839972232
  • 2022, 248 pages


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Working and interacting with Channels

Traveling with Sun.. The story continuous

So the train comes to a stop a new adventure would begin. Sun was traveling back and returns to their grandparents for another summer. Expectations were high. They wanted to explore how the channels and the acupuncture points on them worked.
Written in an accessible, story-telling format in the context of a child, Sun, visiting their grandparents and having lessons over afternoon tea, this book targets practitioners looking to go beyond the foundations to acquire a deeper understanding of Chinese medicine theory, philosophy, and concepts. This is the second book in the series and focuses on distal needling techniques and Unified Acupuncture Theory as well as Dr Richard Tan’s Balance Method, Master Tung acupuncture and Japanese Manaka acupuncture styles. Along with an overview of the theoretical basis for holography, it also presents a logical explanation of the channel interaction systems and covers how they can be applied in practice.

Our opinion: Shubs explains the channel system and its interactions in a new and easy to understand framework.

Here some reviews from the press for the book Sun’s Dance of the Channels:

Anthony Monteith, B.Sc. Hons, DAT AOM. Lic. Acu, Dip CECK.
With this second title, Jonathan Shubs has managed to bring us deeper ancient wisdom. Sun guides us along their journey to practitioner excellence. Using practical and qualitative methods, very much pointed towards the journey of learning, he has written a masterpiece that we can all enjoy, appreciate, and learn from as an inquisitive child would learn! Making all acupuncture more accessible to students and masters a like, he is opening us to the full implications of interactions between the channels. I’m really looking forward to seeing how people benefit from this book on a global scale, please do not hesitate to purchase this book!

Simon Becker, MSc, Director Chiway Academy, Deputy Head Chinese Medicine Policlinic at See Hospital
Jonathan Shubs succeeds to pack the complicated matter of the channel system, its interactions and its clinical application in an easy and fun-to-read story with great illustrations. Studying and understanding the core of acupuncture has never been easier.

Dr. Lorne Brown, B.Sc., Dr.TCM, CPA, FABORM, Founder of Healthy, Clinical Director of Acubalance Wellness Centre (Vancouver BC), Chair of The Integrative Fertility Symposium
What an engaging read! Jonathan Shub’s use of narrative makes this book fun and accessible. He develops for the reader a clear and coherent approach to understanding how the channels interact as well as the concepts of imaging and mirroring. Whether you are a seasoned balance method practitioner, a classic TCM acupuncturist or a beginner, this book is for you. A great mix of theory, logic, clinical applications and fun.

Hamid Montakab, founder of Chiway Academy and the Swiss Professional Organization for TCM (SPO-TCM), author of Acupuncture Channel energetics, Sleep disorders, Head pathologies, Hidden Roots and more.
The Unified Acupuncture Theory is a wink at Einstein’s search for the Unified Field Theory! In fact, all of us practitioners of Acupuncture have imagined the channel concept through our own unique perceptions. Jonathan Shubs’s original approach was born out of his personal vision and interpretation of several acupuncture systems that he transmits in a simple and visual language, accessible to all.


Jonathan Shubs

Jonathan Shubs

is a Naturopathic practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine with Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education (Swiss), Ac. Dipl. TCM-FVS, FNMTC, NVS, EMR, ASCA A graduaate of Shao Yang Institute, Jonathan has been in private practice in Lausanne, Switzerland since 2006.  To refine his skills and explore further methods, he studied extensively with Dr, Richard Tan and received the Balance Method Gold level practitioner status in 2014.  In 2012 he published his first article in the Journal of Chinese Medicine titled Foundations of Meridian Theory. This article was the foundation of his Unified Acupuncture Theory which he has developed into a complete system for understand the channels and their interactions. He is a teacher at the Chiway Academy in Winterthur, Switzerland and also teaches his Unified Acupuncture Theory system worldwide. He is about to release a book in 2022 titled “Sun’s Season of Channels” which is an introduction to Chinese medical thought and channel systems. is main focus centers on integrative acupuncture where he joins different styles and theories to create a coherent and logical approach to diagnosis and treatment.

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