Franco Cracolici | Fabio Pianigiani | Massimo Rinaldi

The Art of Listening

Daoist Medicine, Sound Therapy and Micro-systems: Healing Systems

  • Verlag: Noi Edizioni
  • ISBN: 9788832128963
  • 2022, 524 pages


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The idea of art as communication is a fundamental aspect of Western aesthetics, as is the resulting interconnection between form and content. Music is considered a language of emotions, and is sound forms in movement. This is its only point in common with the idea of art in the Eastern world. Eastern Art communicates through visual effects in movements (ideograms) rather than through logos, the simple, sculptural, and thus inflexible, word.
Starting from Daoism, the authors of this book take us on an exciting journey through sound, vibration, listening and the effects of listening, its repercussions on energy and mind, locally and generally. This book is original in its form and content, with unexpected facets emerging in each part, and in the way each part unfolds. Its excellent introduction presents a both broad and synthetic vision of that complex philosophy of life that goes under the name of Daoism, a philosophy and religion often discussed, and equally often misrepresented, curtailed and falsified.


Franco Cracolici

Franco Cracolici

Franco Cracolici is an Acupuncturist Surgeon. Director of the School of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in Florence, lecturer, Vice-President FISA (Italian Federation of Acupuncture Societies), President FISTQ (Italian Federation of Tuina and Qigong Schools), Vice President WFAS – World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies, author of numerous books and articles. He is…

Fabio Pianigiani

Fabio Pianigiani

Fabio Pianigiani is a composer, music therapist, lecturer of Medicine complementary medicine and integrated therapies at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Siena.

Massimo Rinaldi

Massimo Rinaldi

Massimo Rinaldi is Medical Surgeon Oncologist, expert in acupuncture and subsystems at the Centre for Integrated Medicine at the Hospital of Pitigliano, (Grosseto), lecturer and researcher.

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