J. White

The Fertile Fizz – the endocrine of conception (DVD)

  • ISBN: V23818
  • 2011, DVD, 300 min.


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Jani White gives a great online lecture about The Fertile Fizz – the endocrine of conception at the 3rd Scandinavian TCM Congress 2011
Mrs White says that Fizz means when a boy sees a girl and they like each other and this feeling is fundamental for working with fertility patients. How you as an practitioner can generate this feeling and help the patients to support them with acupuncture. Jani give a deep insight of the fertility work as an practitioner in the daily work. You will see that Mrs White has worked with Jane Lyttleton, a well known writer and fabulous teacher. You get a lot of basic background information, guidelines, tips, acupuncture points to help to use the endocrine of conception of a patient and guide them to the correct flow. This video is a must for all practioners who work in the fertility environment and Jani White is a great and experienced presenter with tons of practical hints for your daily practice.

DVD, english, 300 min.


J. White

J. White

Jani White runs a Fertility, Pregnancy and Childbirth practice in Oxford and London, UK. She teaches the Obstetrics and Gynaecology/Fertility modules of the Oxford Brookes University MA Acupuncture degree, she is the National Coordinator of the AFN, (Acupuncture Fertility Network), and she is also Chair of the Acupuncture Childbirth Team,…