B. Braeckman

The Ghost in your Jing (DVD)

Treatment of emotions

  • 2013, 2 DVDs, 360 min.


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This presentation by Bruno Braeckman, Ghost in your Jing, introduces a theoretical background of TCM and Bu Ming theory and combines the different organs with the concepts of Jingshen.

He connects his presentation with classical texts like Ling Shu and prescription made by Heiner Fruehauf or Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée, as well as the emotions in the TCM. He talks about Wu Zhi, the five feelings and explains them. You will see the Wu Xing in combination with a physiology model of the Jing/Shen, the meridians and the related movement of Qi and the body. He talks why emotions are the cause of internal diseases and how it influences the shen.

Braeckman talks about practice tips and the transmission how to work in the daily TCM practice. You learn explanations deficiency of Ben Shen and the 7 emotions. You receive the tips for the treatment of emotions, selecting the meridians. In the practical part he shows abdominal diagnosis and explains exactly what he feels. After this part he explains the acupoint selection (ghost points) using the techniques and points of the seven dragons to treat Gui and Ben Shen.

TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2013,
2 DVDs, 360 min., englisch English.


B. Braeckman

B. Braeckman

Bruno Braeckman, born in 1946, Private acupuncture practice in Ghent since 1979; Chairman BAF, professional association for acupuncture (1984-1996); Editor Tian Dao, professional magazine for Chinese Medicine (1988-1996); Board member EUFOM, professional association for acupuncture since 1996; Guest lecturer Jiangxi College of TCM of Nanchang (2000-2003); Teacher Auriculotherapy and Acupuncture…

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