Krisztina Samu

Ways of Renewal – A Guidebook for Women

Natural Methods for Clearing Sexual Trauma, Balancing the Emotions

  • ISBN: 9780578214818
  • 2019, 88 Seiten


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Ways of Renewal – A Guide for Women: Natural Methods for Clearing Sexual Trauma, Balancing Emotions, and Revitalising the Spirit approaches rape trauma from a new perspective – that of a treatable injury.

Just as a broken arm heals properly when the bones are set and the arm is immobilised for a period of time, the trauma suffered by survivors of rape or sexual assault requires intervention, but of a different kind. This concise book guides the reader to a basic understanding of the ancient art of acupuncture and Oriental medicine, offering specific prescriptions for acupuncture points with detailed explanations. The book also describes other related healing modalities that are effective in treating this invisible injury.



Krisztina Samu

Krisztina Samu

Krisztina Samu is an licensed acupuncturist who studied traditional Chinese medicine on the Big Island of Hawaii. She is also trained in a Japanese lineage called Seita Shinpo, a deeply therapeutic style of acupuncture that activates and harmonizes the body’s major organ systems. She has a special area of interest…

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