Dennis Willmont

Yin-Yang and the Inner Phases

Understanding the Five Phases of Acupuncture

  • Verlag: Willmountain Press
  • ISBN: 9780974125756
  • 2010, 265 pages


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Yin-Yang and the Inner Phases by Dennis Willmont details the theoretical and clinical importance of the Five Phases of acupuncture in the primary historical treditions from anicent China, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and Great Britain.
This book includes:

  • The complete Five Phase Correspondence System from the Chinese Classics
  • A comprehensive psycho-emotional correspondence of over two hundered terms
  • The psycho-emotional and physiological levels of Five Phase Treatment
  • The relationship between the Five Phases, the pointnames, and the TCM point functions
  • How to achieve the most comprehensive results with the fewest needles possible
  • The principles and strategies for creating Advanced Level Five Phase Treatments


Dennis Willmont

Dennis Willmont

Dennis Willmont has been practicing shiatsu, acupressure, Taijiquan, and Daoist meditation since 1971 and acupuncture since 1976. In 1969 Dennis received his bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and Philosophy from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. During this period, he took a philosophy course in Comparative Religion and was exposed…