von: Wong, E./ Hua Yang Liu

Cultivating the Energy of Life

Cultivating the Energy of Life

2005, 113 pages

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Cultivating the Energy of Life von Wong, E./ Hua Yang Liu

The Hui-ming Ching (Treatise on Cultivating Life) is a classic Taoist manual on the circulation of internal energy by means of meditation.
It is the inspiration behind many Qigong techniques, and contains one of the most complete descriptions of the Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Orbits. This translation includes the text’s illustrations and main commentaries, and sets the book in its philosophical and historical context.
Wong, E.

Eva Wong
is an independent scholar and a practitioner of the Taoist arts of the Pre-Celestial Way and Complete Reality lineages. She has written and translated many books on Taoism and related topics.

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