Amy Chang

A Field Guide to the Huángdì Nèijing Sùwèn

A Clinical Introduction to the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic

  • Verlag: Singing Dragon
  • ISBN: 9781848194229
  • 2021, 384 pages


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Understand the Huangdi Neijing Su Wen

it is one of the most important classical texts Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Chinese Medicine of Chinese Medicine. There are many different translations in the market. Often more or less reliable. This introductory book provides a summary of each chapter which emphasises the clinical relevance of the text.
The author Amy Chang draws out how the text can be used to be transformed in the clinical practice. It avoids overly scholarly discussions and is an easy and enlightening reading.


Amy Chang

Amy Chang

Shanyin Amy Chang is a Acupuncturist based out of Oakland, California and her medical specialization is Acupuncturist. She works in Oakland, California and has the professional credentials of L.AC. (Licensed Acupuncturist). Author of A Field Guide to the Huángdì Nèijing Sùwèn

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