Acupuncture for arrhythmia and cardiovascular disorders (Video)

Akupunktur bei Arrhythmie und Herzkreislaufstörungen

  • 2019, online video, ca. 2,5 Std./ app. 2,5 hrs.

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Traditional Chinese medicine has a long-standing history as an efficient treatment modality for disorders of the heart. Historical records date the use of TCM for cardiovascular disorders back to 100-300 BCE. In China today, treatment of cardiovascular disorders is often integrative, involving high-level western diagnostics and medication, in conjunction with acupuncture or Chinese herbal formulae. This approach is also applicable in the private setting.
In this presentation, Amos Ziv will demonstrate simple and effective western tools for verifying the success of your treatments on the spot. He will explore the effect of acupuncture on heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV) and cardiac arrhythmias. He will also cover effective acupuncture protocols for common, non-life-threatening arrhythmias you may encounter in the clinic, as well as explore recent research in this field.


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