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Auriculotherapy – The Atlas Based on the Originals by P. Nogier (English)

newly compiled and edited by J. Howard und Anja Füchtenbusch

  • Verlag: Füchtenbusch Verlag
  • ISBN: 9783981946698
  • 2022, 228 pages, 4c, 100 graphics


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The original maps of ear acupuncture or auriculotherapy and also the characterizations of the ear points and areas are mostly unknown. In this book, the original detailed maps of the discoverer of auriculotherapy P. Nogier (based on the work Elements d’áuriculothérapie by R. Bourdiol) are graphically prepared in a modern form and the descriptions are summarized in a star letter-like manner and identified with current references.
The book is an eye opener for all auriculotherapists: P. Nogier was not only the discoverer but also the perfecter of auricular acupuncture. He left the somatotopes as an accomplished reference in a level of detail, depth, and comprehensiveness that none of the known maps to date come close to – even if they do refer to him.
Therapists can use this atlas to independently judge whether a work of auriculotherapy or a training institution is Auriculotherapy according to P. Nogier or a fragmented variant, a falsification, an overprint or even a new creation, and thus better decide which path to put their trust in. No matter which way one decides: One should know the original work of the discoverer of auriculotherapy. It is definitively worth it.


Anja Füchtenbusch

Anja Füchtenbusch

Anja Füchtenbusch (Dipl. Biologin, THP) Spezialistin in Laser-Photo-Therapie, Laserakupunktur (Human und Vet) und Laserfeld (Laserfrequenz)-Therapie. Fachautorin und Dozentin für Themen zur Photo-Laser-Therapie, TCM und regulativen Therapieverfahren in der Humanmedizin und im Vet-Bereich.

John Howard

John Howard

John Howard, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. does several trainings for Auriculotherapy worldwide and wrote several articles, books about auriculotherapy and acupuncture.

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