Sabine Wilms

Celestial Secrets

A Dunhuáng Manuscript of Medicinal Decoctions for the Zàngfu Organ

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  • ISBN: 9781732157170


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Sabine Wilms is a wellknown TCM expert. In her new book the first English translation of a rare medieval Chinese manuscript with the full title Fuxíngjué zàngfu yòngyào fayào (Secret Tips for Helpful Action – The Key to Using Medicinals on the Zàngfu Organs).
In addition to a verbatim annotated translation of the complete full text by Dr. Sabine Wilms, this book contains a detailed scholarly introduction that analyzes the history of the text and its relationship to an ancient mythological tangyèjing (classic of decoctions) with which it is sometimes mistakenly identified. The eminent Jingfang practitioner Sharon Weizenbaum has kindly contributed a preface and clinical commentary.


Sabine Wilms

Sabine Wilms

Dr. Sabine Wilms has been studying the history of Chinese medicine (esp. the treatment of the female body) for well over a dozen years, since her days as a doctoral student in Asian Studies and medical Anthropology at the University of Arizona. She currently divides her time between producing books…

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