Peilin Sun

General Introduction to Sports Medicine in TCM (video)

  • 2013, video, 200 min.

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Sun Peilin talks about how sports medicine can improve your health.
Already in the past TCM, acupuncture und herbs as well as diet has been used heavily. He reviews physiology, pathology, diagnostic features and different treatments with herbs and especially acupuncture with a lot of examples. How to prevent injuries before during and after sports. Except the technical coaching itself TCM can do a lot for patients like mental strength, nutrition and diet, team building with constitutional types and others. For short, to make a differentiation and thorough study of each athlete is a key task in sport medicine in TCM. Differentiation exists everywhere in TCM in sport medicine, in physiology, etiology, pathologies, symptoms, syndromes, treatment and prevention. He talks about external and internal pathogenic factors like seven emotions factors and blood stasis. He shows diagnostic features and treatment and talks about many examples and acupuncture points, as well as doping and forbidden Chinese herbs as well as contraindications and prevention. He gives an outlook to sport-related complaints such as dehydration. Muscle soreness and cramps, heat stress, shortness of breath. Peilin shows acupuncture treatments for several treatments. Later he speaks about sport-related injuries and shows classifications and symptoms of these injuries. He shows five types of athletes according the Five Elements. He characterizes the different type with a lot of specifications and physiological symptoms.

Sun Peilin shows a lot of examples like f.e. of a marathon team, drinking turtle blood to strengthen the patience of the group. He gives brilliant advices why sports people should eat yellow food. He talks about acupuncture points, point combinations and herbs supporting sports people of specific sports. He speaks about chronic diseases, as well as acute injuries. TCM helps not only for the body but also for the Zen, the spirit, emotions as well as putting together a team and other things.
You will find a lot of TCM sport patterns and their treatments.

TCM Rothenburg 2013, video, 200 min., englisch.


Peilin Sun

Peilin Sun

Sun Peilin, finished medical study in 1981 and obtained his Master degree of TCM in 1988. 1988 till 1990 lecturer in Nanjing University of TCM. 1990 till present, lecturing TCM in Belgium and some European countries. Since 2000, guest professor at Guangxi university of TCM and Jiangxi college of TCM,…