M. Callison

Sports Medicine Acupuncture

An Integrated Approach Combining Sports Medicine and TCM

  • ISBN: 9780578512129
  • 2019, 946 pages

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The new colorful sports medicine acupuncture textbook by Matt Callison is suitable for practitioners and provides fundamental information on the integration of sports medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. It contains detailed information on over 93 sports and orthopedic injuries. This groundbreaking text is packed with indispensable clinical information, including innovative advanced needle techniques, therapeutic exercise recommendations and herbal medicine treatments. Over 780 detailed drawings and full colored photos help make the material more accessible to the therapists.
The book shows how to integrate sports medicine and TCM. You can find TCM patterns, diagnosis hints, palpatory treatments for all kinds of sports injuries seperated into body areas and detailled treatment methods with concrete acupuncture points, herbs, tuina massage or taping advices as well as therapeutic exercise, internal and external herbal medicine, moxibustion and adjunctive techniques like kinesiological taping, cupping, bloodletting and gua sha.

Detailled pictures explain the acupuncture points and needling techniques. Extremly helpful are the concrete description of the injuries. Pictures of parts of the body with layover pictures of muscles and bones help to find the exact positioning for the individual treatment.

Our opinion: As many TCM-therapists around the world work with athletes this textbook fills a gap by supporting the orthopedic and sportsmedicial background information explanations of the injury and the treatment methods. Best and most comprehensive book about sports medicine and TCM.

Structure of the book Sportsmedicine Acupuncture

  • The text is divided into three areas. Section I begins with a review of some of the basic principles of sports medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, particularly in reference to musculoskeletal health and injuries.
  • The second and third sections of this book are injury chapters with numerous injury conditions involving the neck, shoulder and upper extremity, the low back, hip and lower extremity. Each injury will be detailed described, including typical mechanisms of injury, assessment and treatment suggestions, as well as a list of common TCM patterns that present in the localized area of the injury.
  • At the end you will fin rehabilitative exercise that includes proprioceptive, stretching and strengthening exercises that are appropriate for different injuries.
  • Who should buy the book? It is targeted to for all acupuncturists who treat sports injuries.

Here some additional information about Matt Callison:

Matt earned his Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education/Sports Medicine in 1985. He worked in the Sports Medicine field at several clinics and hospitals for several years. In 1991, Mr. Callison received his Master’s Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, where the class he developed, Treatment of Orthopedic Disorders, is still being taught. Mr. Callison continues to guest lecture in many acupuncture doctoral programs across the United States. He also gives classses in Europe about sports acupuncture. As Clinic Supervisor for Pacific College at the University of California’s San Diego Sports Medicine RIMAC Center, Mr. Callison guides acupuncture interns in providing Sports Medicine Acupuncture to their athletes.

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“An impressive and very thorough book destined to be a great reference guide for the clinic.”


“Every practitioner of acupuncture at every level will gain further insight and knowledge from this book.”


“This book cleverly articulates the integration of sports acupuncture with traditional Chinese medicine and creates a unique and effective system of treatment. His techniques are clear and based both in anatomy as and in the organ and meridian systems of East Asian medicine. Sports Medicine Acupuncture peeks into the future and it is a must for all practitioners who treat pain and musculoskeletal injury.”



M. Callison

M. Callison

Matt Callisons einzigartige Fähigkeit, chinesische Medizin mit Sportmedizin zu verbinden, zeigt sich in seinem ausgezeichneten Ruf. Dies zeigt sich besonders deutlich in seinem internationalen Zertifizierungsprogramm, der Sportmedizinischen Akupunktur. Er hat eine klinische Studie über Akupunktur und Schienbeinstress-Syndrome (Schienbeinschienen) sowie einen Artikel über sportbezogene Muskelspannungskopfschmerzen im Journal of Chinese Medicine veröffentlicht.…

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