Mike Mandl

I Yin, You Yang

Interpreting Relationships the Chinese Way

  • Verlag: Bacopa Verlag
  • ISBN: 9783903071377
  • 2017, 250 pages


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I Yin, You Yang provides an introduction to the psychological aspects of traditional Chinese medicine.
Author Mike Mandl, in his trademark humorous and easily comprehensible style,
mainly refers to the systems of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements respectively.
By presenting both systems with many pithy examples from every day life theory can be immediately put into practice.
And the largest area of practice is our daily life with its impenetrable network of relationships.
Not infrequently these relationships appear like Chinese gobbledygook.
In other words: untangling the strands of this network is no mean feat but Mandl tackles it with gusto.


Mike Mandl

Mike Mandl

Mike Mandl, Jahrgang 1969. In seinem bunten Lebenslauf, der von vielen Reisen, vielen Jobs und einer tiefen Suche nach der Wahrheit geprägt ist, vermischten sich Photographie, Journalismus, Graphik Design und Moderation mit Zen Buddhismus, westlichen Therapierichtungen und TCM. Bis er 1994 über das Hara Shiatsu Institut von Tomas Nelissen stolperte…