Illustrations of the Complete Acupuncture System

The Sinew, Luo, Divergent, Eight Extraordinary and Primary Channel

  • ISBN: 9780983772033
  • 2008, 102 pages


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There was a great demand for a book like this aside of the book Advanced Acupuncture, A clinical manual. Ann Cecil-Sterman shows here single protocols for the complement Channels: the Sinew, Luo, Divergent channels and Eight Extraordinary Channels. This deep knowledge she earned from Dr. Jeffrey Yuen of the great TCM teachers of our time. He has drawn a map of the complete channel system. In this book about the channels you find drawings which show the channels with all points and branches. Very useful is the abbreviated point location reminder section. They help to understand the core concepts and principles. This book is useful as quick reference information especially when the time in the clinic is short. These drawings show some information about the channels that had not been shown before the other book of Cecil-Sterman called Advanced Acupuncture was published. For example you find the Sinew Channels, which is shown with their actual width, but this channel is covering the entire surface of the body and overlapping with one another. All channels like Luo, Divergent and Eight Extra Channels are presented with all their acupuncture points including with their branches and trajectories. Also for the first time in printed format you can find the third branch of the Kidney Primary Channel.

Ann Cecil-Sterman, MS, L.Ac. is an acupuncturist, teacher, writer, artist and musician. She wrote two books: Advanced Acupuncture, A Clinic Manual, Protocols for the Sinew, Luo, Divergent and Eight Extraordinary Channels, and The Art of Pulse Diagnosis.

She gives lectures about the application and methodology of the Complement Channels, the art of pulse diagnosis, and together with her husband, the use of food as medicine. For many years she worked as a senior clinic supervisor at the school of acupuncture founded by Dr. Jeffrey Yuen in 1997 in New York City. Cecil-Sterman studied for a long-time different aspect of the TCM from Dr. Yuen, especially herbs, qigong, oils, philosophy and also medical history. Ann was the co-founder and Director of the Classical Wellness Center in Manhattan where she taught classes on advanced diagnosis and the theory and application of Classical Chinese Medicine. Ann lives in Manhattan with her husband and two children.